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[IP] Re: Sensitive skin

I am a new pump user~just a little over a week.  When I received my pump MM 
sent me a three month supply of infusion sets etc.  They sent sofsets in 42". 
 The tubing is too long for me and the dressing that goes over the cannula is 
making me raw.  I tried a sample of BARDs, that seemed to help.  I'm even 
having trouble with the paper tape that I'm using for the safety loop.

A kind lady on the list sent me a quickset that her son couldn't use, I loved 
it, no extra dressing, but still the paper tape problem.  I called MM and was 
told I won't be able to order quicksets until fall.  I called Disetronic and 
tried their Ultraflex, they are wonderful.  I'm in the process of getting 
insurance approval for the Disetroinic infusion sets.  I believe MM will only 
take back full boxes, so I have three full boxes and one box with ten in it.  
MM will not put through an order for just BARDs or any tape for sensitive 

Does anyone know where I can get BARDs locally, any suggestions for my tape 
problem?  Does anyone need ten sofsets, 42"?


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