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[IP] Frio--what to buy

We ordered the large size wallet and specified pump.  Well let me tell you,
the large size pump wallet is much smaller than their small size wallet and
a LOT smaller than their regular large wallet.  I sent it back because my
son's pump (he has the animas pump) wouldn't begin to fit in it.  I had
ordered a regular large wallet along with the large "Pump" wallet.  I then
activated the large wallet and it was too big for the pump.  I figured that
the regular small wallet would be best and sent the "pump" wallet back in
exchange for the regular small wallet.  After I received it and activated
it, it fit good! I even have a little room extra.  The only problem is that
it doesn't have the loop sewn in the back to attach it to a belt.  I figured
it would be pretty easy to get a piece of material and make my own loop.
This may confuse you even more, but lets hear from those who have ACTUALLY
gotten the pump wallet. The Animas pump is larger than the mini med, but I
couldn't see even the mini med one fitting in the pump wallet after it had
been activated (activating it makes it puff up and leaves less room in the
actual pocket).
     Other than finally figuring out the right size. The wallet itself is
great!  It stays cool for 4 or so days.  It depends on how hot the weather
is that you're keeping it in.  It only took me 6 days to recieve it from the
time I placed the order on the web site.  When I returned the pump wallet,
it only took 8 days from the time I mailed it back to them to get the other
one in exchange.  I thought it would take a long time to get things
straightened around, but it didn't.  The company is very organized I guess.
Dianne Mom of Johnny 9
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