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Re: [IP] Does lack of sleep make your bg rise? & relation to Type 2

>> There have been some recent studies that indicate 
>> that chronic, mild sleep deprivation (say, regularly 
>> getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night instead of the 
>> recommended 8 for adults) causes insulin resistance 
>> and weight gain, and may be a contributing factor 
>> for type 2 diabetes.

Sigh.  Doesn't seem fair to have the genetic profile for
Type 2 (from my dad) and lack of sleep from getting up
to check 1-2x/night on my son with Type 1.  The studies
gave me added incentive to exercise more & check my own
bg regularly to identify any up & coming Type 2....

As far as bg's & lack of sleep, in Luke we've noticed that
it makes him go low for that night & following day if he
stays up too late &/or gets insufficient sleep.  Even on
the pump with his basal stable under normal conditions.  
I figured that it is because he's a child, and he's burning 
extra calories if he's awake instead of asleep.   There's 
no extra stress for him because he's not trying to go to a 
job on a few hours of sleep.  We'll have to see how he does 
this next New Year's Eve w/ the pump, since now we know to 
drop his basal rate if he's going to be staying up late.  We
drop it about the same as for moderate/long exercise.

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, pumping Mar.01, MM508

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