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[IP] Setting off an alarm

Hi everyone... I finally did it!! LOL  My daughter and I were at Office Depot 
and as I was leaving, the alarm went off!! I was the ONLY one going through 
the door and I had NO bags on me.  They checked my backpack ... you know, the 
bag with ALL of my pump supplies, testing supplies, etc. Nothing there.  I 
then walked through all by myself and sure enough, it went off again!! As I 
stepped back into the store, one of the women that work there asked me if I 
had a hip replacement and my very sarcastic little one (who is only 10) said, 
"Mommy, maybe it's the metal plate in your head" and started cracking up!! I 
laughed but the people that worked there looked like they didn't know what to 
say.  I said, "No, the only thing I have is my insulin pump and pulled up my 
shirt to show them.  The manager asked if I could take it off and walk 
through the door. Now, we all know I could, but would i? Ummm, no.  I said, 
"No, but don't you have one of those little wands to scan me like they do at 
the airports?" He just shook his head and told me to go ahead.  As we were 
leaving, my daughter turns to me and says, "OK, now we know you set off 
alarms so, I'm not going anywhere with you that has alarms any more."  
Hmmm... what a brat!!! LOL
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