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[IP] duration of eye dilation

The question about the length of dilation is a difficult on to answer with 
any degree eof accuracy.  Why?  1) There are several different types of drops 
that may be used to dilate the eyes.  Some last only a few hours and others 
may last several days.  The most usual combination lasts, on average, 4 - 6 
hours.  2) Each person metabolizes the drops a little differently.  3) 
Generally, the darker the eye, the longer it lasts.  That is because of the 
extra pigment in the darker eye which absorbs more of the medicine.  and 4) 
Yes, it is documented that the diabetic takes longer for the dilation to go 
away.  I have not seen why that is the case, just that it is so.

There are reversal drops available.  However, many practices prefer not to 
use them.  The drops simply stimulate the muscles that make the pupil smaller 
- they do not neutralize the stimulation of the muscles which caused the 
pupil to dilate.  When you use the reversal drops, it is kind of like when 
you get a cramp and then try to stretch the muscle - it usually hurts.  Of 
course, YMMV!

As many have already noted - bring a driver if you can to get you home and 
definitely bring sunglasses!

Hope that helps a little bit!

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