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[IP] pump wars

> Julie Meals wrote:
> > 
> > My son chose the Disetronic for other reasons, but I would seriously read
> > some comments on this list because I see many people mention problems with
> > Minimed pumps, not sure which kind, but very very few with Disetronic.
> for what it's worth this is my very strong impression also.

Lets try not to fan the flame of pump wars. Insulin Pumpers has well 
over 3000 active members and most have only praise for their pumps 
regardless of the vendor. You will generally only hear from most 
people when they have problems of some kind and the number of people 
you hear from will be proportional to the number and kind  of pumps 
they have. Take a look at the statistics on the ABOUT page of the web 

Animas 2%
Disetronic 21%
Minimed 76%

You will hear very little in the way of problems or plusses about 
Animas since there are still only a comparatively few users. Likewise 
you will hear only 1/5th as many comments about Disetronic pumps 
whether they be good or bad, because they are represented by one in 5 
pump users. You will hear lots of comments from Minimed users because 
their pumps are used by the majority of the list members and they
are the dominant supplier in the North American market.

Any comments you read about a specific pump model or manufacturer 
must be evaluated in the context of of it's distribution in the "pump 
population" and the number of users who are commenting.
AND.... remember, all the pumps are good equipment. If you could 
not have the one you use now but were forced to pick one from 
another vendor or go back to shots, what would you do? :-)

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