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Re: Strep - was: Re: [IP] amount of insulin to drop sugars

>>>>The pump was very helpful this week.  Andrew has 105 temp and vomiting
(turned out he had strep throat).  His ketones got high at one point but, I
was able to give such small does we got rid of them in about 6 hours.  Today
he feels much better and his up and running. Connie _ mom to Andrew (3) And

You didn't mention that Andrew is on an anti-biotic. If he has strep he must
be put on one - strep isn't anything to fool with. It causes Rheumatic fever
and Scarlet fever. RF can leave permanent heart damage. Also, with strep the
person can *recover* - then WHAM extremely sick with one of the aforementioned
ailments. I hope it was an oversight that you didn't mention it. (~_^)

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