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Re: [IP] EKGs

In a message dated 7/27/01 12:16:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 I have a question for y'all....
 I had a physical last week and it included an EKG short form, lying 
 on a table in doctor's office, half a dozen sensors attached to my  
 upper torso, in a lovely designer paper nightgown with front 
 fasteners.    My pump was just plopped in the middle of my chest 
 which seemed as good a place as any at the time. The Med 
 assistant hooked me up, checked all the sensors and the machine 
 said sensors correct.  Then she pushed the button to check heart 
 rate.   A strange set of marking appeared on the little sheet of 
 paper.   She said hummmmm, let's try that again, something is 
 wrong with the sensors, checked everything, pushed the button 
 and another strange set of markings appeared on the paper.  She 
 went out talked to the doc, came back tried if two more times and 
 finally said something is going wrong.  The doc came in and said 
 she could tell from working the two marked up papers that the 
 heart rate looked ok.   They were going to try it out on another 
 female patient and if it still malfunctioned, they would call the 
 manufacturer.   One half hour later as I was getting dressed to 
 leave, the Medical Assistant came in and said the other lady's test 
 went  perfectly.  They felt sure it had something to do with my 
 insulin pump.   I mean it has electronic circuitry, and it was sitting 
 on my chest amid the other sensors.  I never thought of it 
 interfering, but the EKG machine is very sensitive.   Doc said don't 
 worry about it, they would check me again next year with the pump 
 Has anyone else had any problems with EKGs, or was everyone 
 else smart enough to have pump a long way away from the 
 Bonnie Richardson
 Huntsville, AL  >>
    Bonnie I just had cataract surgery and they did the EKG before I went in. 
I had my h-Tron + on my belt with wires all over me. The only problem they 
had was they had to move 1 sensor on my leg because of hair. The surgery was 
easy and I can see more now than I have in 20 years. The eye is at 20/25 and 
should get to 20/20.              Roger C 
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