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[IP] vitamin for numbness/neuropathy

Hi everyone, i was reading the posts about numbness feet and hands etc. i 
have neuropathy, and i use to get the numbness etc. but i have been taking a 
vitamin called alpha lipoic acid. its suppose to repair nerve damage or help 
repair it. it has done wonders for me. i take 100mg pills, 3 in the morning 
and 4 in the evening. i told my cde and she did not question it. it has 
helped me with no side effects. i do not take any other drugs for neuropathy 
at this time. i always like to try the natural way first. i occasionly get 
some numbness but not like i use to. just thought i would let you know take 
care eileen pumping 4 months diab. for 33 years . i also was told that 
pineapple, only the raw natural pineapple not any vitamin or any canned 
pineapple helps as well. i never felt like coring the darn thing, so i did 
not try it. but associate of mine swears by it??
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