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Fwd: [IP] amount of insulin to drop sugars

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Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 15:07:08 EDT
Subject: Re: [IP] amount of insulin to drop sugars
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HI, This is a very individualistic problem we have been addressing. What I 
was told when I started pumping and seemed to have the correct basal rate was 
to use my insulin to carb ratio and my insulin sensitivity for corrections. 
My insulin to carb ratio is 1unit for 6 carbs and my insulin sensitivity is 
1unit lowers my BG 25 points. Therefore, 6 carbs will raise my BG about 25 
points, 1 unit will lower it about 25 points and I bolus 1 unit for every 6 
carbs I eat. Without this info I would be lost. When I was on MDI I always 
had a problem when I would go low, the old pull up a chair and eat everything 
in the fridge syndrome. I don't have the low's like I used to but when I do I 
can control them better and not overshoot and rebound like I used to. When I 
need to drop my sugar this formula is almost always exact. It is never too 
much, but sometimes I have had to do an extra unit to get it to 100(always my 
goal and I am very neurotic) Anyway this is what I was taught and it works 
well for me. I really hopes this helps some of you guys.
Jim Manns Dx'd 1979, my homeowner's ins. replaced my stolen D-tron July 
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