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Re: [IP] duration of eye dilation

>Just wondering -- do any of you long-term DMers with eyes that are >slow to 
>dilate and retract have eye doctors that do anything to help >them retract 
>more quickly?  Or has anyone figured out more useful >techniques themselves 
>for keeping comfortable than staying out of
>sunlight and not trying to focus on anything <gr.>?  I always end up
>dilated for the rest of the day (no, I don't drive home from the
>appointment).  I had once asked my doctor about scopolamine, which a
>previous doctor had used for this purpose, but he thought it was not a
>good idea.

Interesting topipc.  I always thought I was the only one this happened to.  
The dilation lasts, for me, 24 hours generally.  At my last appointment, I 
was given another set of eyedrop after the exam which made the pupils go 
back to normal size.  My eyes were still a little sore but I think it was 
more from the exam than from the drops.

I was told by the technician that there was absolutely no harm that could 
come from the drops or anything else that was done.  I was also told, many 
years ago, that the color of your eyes has something to do with how long the 
drops last.  The darker your eye color, the shorter the duration.  Don't 
know how true this is, but I've certainly seen it in my own family.  (My mom 
has blue eyes and I have greenish eyes, and ours lasts for about 20 to 24 
hours.  My dad has dark brown eyes and his eyes are back to normal before he 
leaves the office.)


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