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[IP] RE: Airports and Pumps

Dear David Bellman:

You probably will not have any problems; I live in Orlando, where we
have some very sensitive scanners, and go through the security gates,
and only got beeped once. When I told the guard I was wearing an insluin
pump, and showed her my MiniMed 507, the senior guard told him to let me
through; it seems she knew about pumps. Of course, I usually avoid
having a lot of metal on my person, just my ID bracelet and a belt
buckle. The pump itself has insufficient metal to beep the scanners,
unless they are VERY sensitive.

You can also go to the security guard, explain that you are wearing a
medical device, and request a "hand search" that uses a scanner wand,
rather than have you go through the gate. They just have you go to the
side, and they check you. Just be sure to keep an eye on your carry-on

Amilcar Vazquez Jr.
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