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Re: [IP] insurance coverage

I just wanted to reply to this. I am covered by Blue Cross-Blue Shield
Oregon and my insurance pays 80% on ALL insulin supplies including pump
however, not all insurance companies are like that, and as stated below,
not all insurance companies are REQUIRED to pay a dividend of the ALL
insulin supplies.

:-) Kathleen


Sonrie siempre. Es una buena cosa. :o)


>From: "Brian and Tina Snyder" <email @ redacted>

>Reply-To: email @ redacted >To: "insulin pumpers digest"
<email @ redacted> >Subject: [IP] insurance coverage >Date: Thu, 26
Jul 2001 21:09:00 -0400 > >Here in Ohio my husband works for
Ameritech/SBC and the insurance coverage >that we have pays 100% for my
supplies ordered from MiniMed. I am so thankful >for that! For years I
had to pay for my insulin, syringes, etc. out of my own >pocket. I reused
syringes, didn't test as often as I should have--sometimes >not at all,
whatever I could to get by. We feel really blessed that he got >this job
a year ago next month. He loves the work and we also really love the
>benefits! > >Tina in NE Ohio >Dx'ed 1983, MM508 6/21/01 > > > does
insurance cover all these pump supplies, or do people usually > > have to
pay out-of-pocket? we haven't begun to pump yet, and this may > > be a
major consideration. > > > > >Most insurance plans cover 80-90% of the
cost of >supplies. This is > >pretty much required by a patchwork of
state laws. The >ONLY states > >that have not enacted laws requiring some
kind of >mandatory coverage > >for diabetes supplies are: > > >Alabama >
>Idaho > >Montana > >North Dakota > >Ohio > >Oregon
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