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Re: [IP] amount of insulin to drop sugars

David Bellman wrote:

<<After talking to people in here and finally getting a hold of my trainer I
now use this formula:10%of what ever my sugar is, so if my sugar is 234 I
would give 2.3 units to bring it down so far this works great and is real
easy to figure out the dosage.>>>

So what would you do if your BG is 100? do you take 1.0? :-)
This method seems interesting because according to this figure the higher
you go the 'more' one unit will drop you, lets say your target is 100 and
you take 2.3 to drop you from 234 to 100 it results that one unit dropped it
by 58 points, but if you would be 300 and take 3.0 units to bring it down to
100 it results that one unit dropped it by 66 points, which doesn't make
sense to me because the higher you are the more insulin you need.

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Friends with Diabetes - For Jewish people with Diabetes
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