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[IP] Re: Question about Alcohol

There has been many excellent answers to your
query.  What I was told when dx'ed (1966), was that
beer was equivalent to a slice of bread.  As
different slices of bread have different carb
counts, so do different beers.  I use 12 to 16 grams
for a lite and up to 24 grams for a 16 ounce heavier
beer, and it has worked well for me, YMMV.  I have
always had delayed response and an extended bolus
may work better because of the highs that can come
later from the alcohol.

As has been mentioned, it is very important to watch
for lows when having any liquor at all.  Not just
because it's easier to have a low and miss it.  Also
because many of the symptoms for hypo's could be
easily confused with being drunk (confusion, anger,
etc.).  There have been dm'ers that had a few
drinks, went low and ended up in drunk tanks, which
is not a good place to be with a low.
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