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[IP] Do you know...

About the development of a meter which will download data directly to a
Visor Handheld? It was mentioned to me by one of the recipiants of this
listserv, ...Am also emailing her with your email here... but I thought I'd
get a bit more feedback from all of you.

I have a Palm IIIc and it works best for me because of the colour lit-up
screen, but am looking at the Visor PRISM for something to do with this
soon-to-be compatability.

Apparently, it will not work with the palm IIIc, but will with the Visor or
maybe even the Palm 505 -which will have memory chips and such for it..

I can't remember what meter it was (Accu-check, Bayer, Lifescan....) which
is developing this, But it sounds pretty cool.  If you or anyone on the
listserv has some data about this, Please send me the link, on list or
privately to email @ redacted

Sitting on my plan to get the PRISM 'til I know more.
Jenny Sutherland
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