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Re: [IP] Airport security

Hi everybody!

A couple of weeks ago I went for a flight from Gardermoen (Oslo), and had to 
spend a lot of time convincing the security guards about my insulin pump 
really is an insulin pump. Since I use to carry it on my belt, they saw it 
and insisted that I should send it through that x-ray thing. I told them 
that it was attached to me, and that sending the pump through the machine 
could damage it. Then the guards gathered and started arguing wether it was 
ok to let me go or not. At last they did let me go, but in all the hazzle 
I'd forgotten to take out my cell phone. That did, of course, set off the 
metal detector. Because of that they searched me, had me empty my pockets, 
and scanned me with a portable metal detector. They didn't like my 
cartridges of insulin either, but they finally let me go when I showed them 
my site.

I didn't feel too well about being the source of all that fuzz in front of 
lots of other people. I'm going for a flight on Saturday, bringing a 
certificate from my doc. Besides, I think I'll put the pump in my bra this 
time and remember not to carry the cell phone through the detector ;-).

I can't say if a D-Tron wil set off the metal detector, since I carried my 
cell phone. Before going on the D-Tron in June, I had a 507C. That pump did 
never make any problem.

I agree that airport security could need some aducation. Where so many 
people travel every day, thay really should know about the insulin pumps and 
how they look like. If any problems appear in security this time, I'll pass 
a note to the Norwegian Diabetis Association and let them know what's going 
on. I guess the number of pumpers wil increase in the future, and repeatedly 
episodes like this would make up a great waste of time!

Have a pleasont flight ;-)

>From: "Nicole Bereolos" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Airport security
>Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 19:49:59 -0500
>I have been through a number of airports with my pump and I have never had 
>problem.  Here is a list of airports that I have gone through:
>1) Chicago Ohare (no problems even with their tight security)
>2) Chicago Midway
>3) Fort Lauderdale
>4) Houston
>5) Dallas/Ft. Worth
>6) Minneapolis
>7) Paris Charles de Gualle
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