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[IP] Re: Frio Wallet

<Frio Wallet.  I got the smaller case to put
insulin pens in while travelling in the summer.  I tried it and noticed that
while it kept the insulin cooler, it was by no means as cool as a
refrigerator or cooler.>

RoseLea... I am assuming that you took the insulin pen <is it prefilled?>
directly from the refrigerator to put in the Frio..  I tested a chilled pen
cartridge in mine, and it did keep it comfortably cool for 2 days, before I
put it back in the frig...and it never got "warm". Not as cold as
refrigerated, but definitely much cooler than without the Frio.  I do not
carry extra insulin with me when I am in my local area, just a syringe to draw
from the pump reservoir, should the need arise..(fortunately has not, so far).
But when I go out of town, even for a few hours, I do carry  extra insulin.

MM 508 ... 8 months
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