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Re: [IP] Frio Wallet

I have a question about the Frio Wallet.  I got the smaller case to put
insulin pens in while travelling in the summer.  I tried it and noticed that
while it kept the insulin cooler, it was by no means as cool as a
refrigerator or cooler.  My concern with the pens was that the insulin in
them would go bad and I wouldn't be able to keep them as long.  Lilly told
me that with the pens, if they are not refrigerated, they only are good for
28 days.  I only carry the pens for emergency, per my CDE's recommendation,
and hate to just throw them away every 28 days.  (I'm rethinking what to
carry for emergencies, but a bottle of insulin would be the same,
unrefrigerated Lilly recommends getting rid of it after 28-30 days.)  Am I
just expecting too much out of the Frio Wallet?  This thing wasn't cheap.

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