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[IP] Using the case...

I have worn a pump for 5 years, 507 for 4, 508 for 10 months, never 
had a problem with either pump, no static, no notice at airports, 
nothing, zip, nada......however, I keep my pump in the good leather 
case that came with it five years ago.  The chintzy little pump 
cases you get now are so cheesy.   I would pay bucks to go back 
to the kind used in 1995.   I have gotten a couple of cases from 
MM and that strip of leather with the elastic and clear plastic are 
I keep my original case,it is very well made leather, on my pump at 
all times except when changing sets or batteries of course.   The 
case has been invaluable when pump drops on hard tile bathroom 
floors, drops in toilets (haven't done that one in a few years), falls 
on the floor when I get out of bed and forget my pump is attached,  
etcetera.  The case keeps it cleaner, which probably explains why I 
have never had a problem with my pumps.   

I have had to cut half of the clear plastic off the case where the 
buttons are.   The plastic got so hard it was tough to make buttons 
work.  I don't know what I will do if this case wears out.  Maybe I 
will write MM and ask them to make it available, even at additional 

I strongly recommend everyone use the leather case to avoid 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 
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