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[IP] High sugars after site change

>>> I have noticed now the 4 times that I have changed my infusion site that
my BG's are elevated afterwards. I will have a good reading right before I
disconnect and am only off of the pump for about 30 minutes. Then when I test
my sugar it has gone up a considerable amount. Does anyone else have this
problem? Any suggestions? >>>

It happened to me for about 6 years - until I got on the 'net and found out I
had to prime the 0.5u of insulin INSIDE me after removing the introducer
needle from the Sof-Set. I complained about always running in the 300s for
several hours afterwards. I had used the straight needle for 10 years that I
bent myself and no need for a prime inside me. When I started using the SS's I
wasn't told about that need. Makes sense - you have to fill the canula with
insulin after the intro needle is withdrawn. (~_^)

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