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Re: [IP] problems with mm508 buttons

In the MM 508 pump I got in June 2000, the buttons would sometimes just not
do anything for a minute (maybe three times a month).  This is evidently a
common problem with the minimed pumps and can be frustrating when you find a
little window of opportunity to give yourself a private bolus and it won't
respond.  If you have this problem, HERE'S A TIP:  watch the time display on
your pump.  As soon as the time changes to the next minute, it will start
working again.   My pump totally stopped working about half a year ago, and
the replacement unit they shipped has not ever had the problem of buttons
not working.  When talking to the minimed rep, in curiosity, I asked about
the non-responding button problem.  She said that was due to periodic
self-checks that the unit goes through, and the pump can't do more than one
thing at once.  If you have this problem and its bothersome, I would call
the minimed number on the pump and ask for a replacement pump.  Whether it's
the fact that newer pumps don't have the problem or just a certain percent
of 508 pumps have the problem I don't know, but my replacement has been
working for some time with no problem.
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