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Re: [IP] beore IP

> Wanted Ip for a while.  Doctor started process.  Insurance co would
> not provide pump b/c doc is out of ntework.  Talked to someone at MM
> but they offered no help.  Told to switch doc.  Reluctantly switched
> (been with same dr for 20 years).  New doc wants me to change insulin
> form Nph and Log to Lantis and Log to learn basal rate before on pump.
>  Why should I change for a month or so.  Isn't it eay enough to find
> correct basl on pump?  What have others done before going on pump?
>         Thanks!  Tracy

I changed to the "poor man's pump" (Ultralente and H'log) about 
two months before starting on the pump.  Getting off that horrible 
NPH was wonderful and my A1c did improve.  Not as much as it 
has with pumping, but it was an improvement.  I think the switch to 
Ultralente made it a little easier for me to transition to the pump,  
though the UL still seemed to be active for about a week.  I would 
have hated to transition from NPH to the pump.  Finding the correct 
basal can be an ongoing challenge.  Figuring your beginning basals 
can be done from formulas, but it is very likely to change for the 
next three to six weeks.  

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