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Re: [IP] Question about Alcohol

OK, lets say we are going to drink a Budweiser,

Bud has 10.9 grams of Carbohydrates
               1.2 grams of Protein
              13.9 grams of Alcohol

The Carbs are going to raise your BS at first. Insulin is not needed to
metabolize Alcohol.

For a bit of trivia on the metabolizing of Alcohol, on my first trip to
Joslin, Dr Pricilla White was my Physician. She was a delightful lady.
She had been practicing at the clinic before the discovery of insulin.  She
told me that in pre-insulin
days the best the clinic could do was to prolong the lives of juvenile
diabetics by giving them
a diet of burnt bread and alcohol. This would keep them alive for several

Anyway, the Carbs will raise your BS at first....(now this is what you are
going to have to be careful about)...then the Alcohol is going to interfere
with your liver releasing glucagon. This "no glucagon" is going to lower
your BS.

It is a common mistake for people to take insulin to combat the initial high
BS caused by the Carbohydrates..only to have a bad insulin reaction hours
later because of the missing glucagon.

I seemed to get along ok by checking my BS about 3 hours after I got

 Tommorow I turn 21 and of course
> to go out with my father for a beer or two.
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