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Re: [IP] airports and the pump

At 09:22 AM 7/25/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>My MM 507 set off the metal detector a few times and I've had to explain
>what the pump is and that I can't remove it (rather than saying I prefer not
>to). Each time there has been little incident, for the most part. Normally I
>would have taken the time to educate them more but I'm always in a hurry at
>the airport. Since I have been on the D-Tron I've only been stopped once
>when a security guard saw it and asked me to remove it.
>Other than that, recently I haven't had too much trouble. When I was first
>on the pump, that is a different story.

Ya know this whole concept of the airport problem really blows me away.  I 
guess I have just been lucky or know how to smile just the right 
way.  :-)  I just recently went on a trip and was stopped at 
security.  They asked me to empty my pockets and then did the security scan 
thing over my body.  The pump was in my pocket, which I had not take out, 
and the gal asked what I had in the pocket.  I responded with "an Insulin 
Pump".  She said well that must be it, go ahead.  I asked her if they had 
changed things for I had walked through this security several times before 
and never went off.  She informed me that they had done some upgrade to the 
system.  I truly do not believe she knew what a pump was.  I think I was 
just so none chalant about it.  I can tell you, if anyone ever asked me to 
take it off, I WOULD NOT!  I would have them call my doctor, the pump 
company.  If they weren't willing to do that I would insist on speaking 
with a manager, etc.  Bottom line I would stand there and hold things up 
before I ever disconnected.  I mean come on, what about those that can't 
disconnect depending on what set they're using?  Would a person with a pace 
maker cut his chest open to show it to them???  Just because people are 
ignorant does not mean that we must be inconvenienced.  And if we don't 
educate them and stand up for ourselves, who will?

Just my two cents,
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