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[IP] Re: Does lack of sleep make your bg rise?

In a message dated 7/25/01 5:05:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Sherry writes:

<<  last night he was up every hour.  He had a tummy ache and
 was not a happy camper. Does anyone know if lack of sleep makes bg levels 
rise?  I
 know stress can make me go high.  I noticed this morning, and the mornings 
following the worst nights, that I was a little higher. >>

Sherry is there any chance that you can try to sleep through the night and 
let your hubby handle the baby?  I know this isn't always possible as the 
little guy might just prefer you and only you, or else the maternal hormones 
just keep us waking up easily anyhow.  But this may go on for a long time, 
I'm writing from experience.  My oldest never slept through the night until 
he turned 7!!  And at age 18 months it was the worst, waking 3 times a night 
regularly.  It might be good to get him in the habit of having Dad from this 
early age.

Good luck.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7  (my third child and the best sleeper of them all)
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