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Re: [IP] Question about Alcohol

Carb counting for beer: the rule of thumb is one 
gram carb per fluid ounce. Another way of thinking 
about it is that a 12-ounce beer is approximately 
equivalent to a slice of bread, which is basically
what it is -- fermented bread. It even has a couple 
of grams of protein. This is for a typical lager 
or ale. Porter, Guiness, and dark beers with a lot 
of molasses will have more carb. 

By the way, by "carb" I do not mean the alcohol 
itself. Dry wines and spirits have virtually no 
carb, and my experience is that I don't have to 
bolus anything to cover the actual acohol when I 
drink these, even though alcohol has 7 calories 
per gram. YMMV, of course.

As has already been mentioned, it's never a good 
idea to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. One of 
those things that's true for anyone, and especially 
true for people with diabetes.

Have fun!

/Janet Lafler
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