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[IP] ketones... pregnancy... need advice

I have recently posted about ketones showing up and finally talked to my
endo's CDE today, and am not sure what to do now.  I told her about the 5 or
6 times I had ketones and the BGs that I had at those times.  A few were
high (around 230) but some were normal (around 100).  She told me that my
numbers sounded good, although those few highs weren't normal for me, and to
put the ketostix away!  She said I should eat a small snack at night to ward
off starvation ketones and to only test again if I have several high BGs in
a row.  Does everyone agree with this, or should I be worried about her
advice?  I think I'm stressing way too much over every little thing since I
am so worried about conceiving and having a healthy baby.

On the pregnancy note...  Does anyone know if ketones are more likely to
show up when you are pregnant?  Or if ovulation can trigger ketones?  I
started noticing the ketones about the same time my ovulation predictor test
showed positive, then I developed stomach cramps and lower backache.  I
wonder if I'm imagining everything since I'm so focused on getting pregnant?

Any advice or input is appreciated.  Thanks...  Heather
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