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[IP] Re: Trip to Ireland questions

Linda's response made me think of something else.
    Ireland has absolutely wonderful breads, of many different types.  And 
you will be served a selection with breakfasts.  If you have a gram scale you 
will easily be able to calculate the carbs in a farl of soda bread, for 
    Baking is still done by weighing ingredients in Ireland, so if you are 
having breakfast at a B&B, or even in a small restaurant, don't hesitate to 
ask the server to go and weigh your bread for you!  People there are very 
nice and will be pleased to help you, especially if they know your health 
depends on it.  You will not want to pass on the scones and breads.
    One note:  its possible that their scales will weigh in ounces only, not 
grams, so have a calculator for conversion, or else a little chart in your 
wallet to help you out.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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