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[IP] Re: Question about alcohol

<<<snip>>> I'm not
> planning on excessive drinking, just one or two
> beers.>>>

Beer is usually my drink of choice, and my experience has been that what bars might call a 'small' beer--a can or bottle, or a smaller glass--contains approx. 15 grams of carbohydrate.  My ratio is 1:15 and I bolus 1 unit for those.  If it's a larger beer (usually 16 or 20 oz.), I have had a harder time bolusing for those and have ended up low because I overestimate.  So I usually just bolus 1 unit for 1 beer, and keep an eye on my blood sugar for at least 2-3 hours after to correct it if it's too high.  

One thing I would add to what everyone else has told you is that, at least for me, sometimes what I think is just the effect of being a little tipsy is actually an insulin reaction.  So just be aware of that, and you should have fun!  Happy birthday!

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