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[IP] Does lack of sleep make your bg rise?

My little boy has been sleeping alot better lately, only getting up once a night to
be fed and changed, but last night he was up every hour.  He had a tummy ache and
was not a happy camper. Does anyone know if lack of sleep makes bg levels rise?  I
know stress can make me go high.  I noticed this morning, and the mornings following
the worst nights, that I was a little higher.
I was curious if this affects others the same way.
I know it gave me crazy dreams!  I dreamed that I was in the ladies room at Red
Lobster and they had a big freezer full of donuts and milk.  I didn't take any, but
while I was combing my hair in the mirror, I gave birth to fraternal twins. They
just popped out suddenly, all clean and dressed.  And I didn't find it odd to have
full-term babies born less than three months apart. Then I went out and filled out
forms with the Red Lobster cashier so I could take the babies home.
Geez, what no sleep can do!

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who hopes the baby's tummy is better tonight!  Oh blessed sleep!
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