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[IP] got my animas pump today

well i got my new animas pump today (humpty pumpty).  i was on a loaner
before today.  I love the pump soo far, but have only been on it3 hours.
also sometime in the middle of the night, one of my cats decided it would be
fun to chew on the tubing.  well when i woke up this morning at 8am my sugar
wasn't too bad but a little higher than usual.  but i didn't think anything
of it.  i went ahead and bolused ate my breakfast and with 1/2 an hour i was
feeling pretty crappy.  checked my sugar and it was high.  went to bolus 4
units of insulun and got an occlusion alarm (thats when i looked at the
tubing and realized the cats chewed on it.  changed the tubing bolused 4
units and checked my bg a little later it was going up and fast checked for
ketones and had moderate ketones.  so i drank lots of water and layed down
as i was not feeling good.  so i went from a not too bad to sugar to a high
sugar 18.3 mmol with ketones in less than 4 hours.  i can't believe how much
more sensitive i am too ketones and high sugars since going on the pump..
but i guess that is a good thing.

thanks for listening to my story

Tina (aka bazoo) and humpty pumpty
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