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Re: [IP] Question about Alcohol

.  I'm not
> planning on excessive drinking, just one or two
> beers.  Can anyone help me
> out? Thanks in advance.

I don't drink beer or wine (only scotch), but my
method is to never drink on a totally empty stomach.
Maybe someone on the list can give you a beer carb
count. The rule of thumb from all my docs I've had has
been  - no more than two drinks. I keep that as my
standard, although during periods where I'm drinking
more often and my tolerance is up, I just play it by
ear, see how I feel and have a few more. I also test
almost every hour to be safe. I NEVER drink so much I
can't take care of myself, or where I pass out. Be
sensible, as it sounds like you are. Oh - and drink a
LOT of water.
Happy Birthday! 
Catherine (27 - dxed 1993, MM 508 since 5/01

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