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[IP] Re: Trip to Ireland

I recently went to Italy and then a few months later to Australia. The 
customs departments have become very cautious about bringing food into their 
countries. I always travel with a lot of food, for the plane, airport delays 
and to tide me over in the foreign country until I find places to buy fruit, 
juice packs, whole grain bread etc. Returning to the USA, I had all my fruit 
confiscated at customs, which left me w/o any for the car ride home - (I find 
my hypos react best to fruit and raisins, especially as I see them as a 
treat!) In Australia they took the fruit and fined us because I didn't check 
off the little box that said I was bringing food into the country - I didn't 
because I knew from experience it would be taken. After a customs dog sniffed 
it out, they went thru all our luggage and were not very happy with us. No 
amount of explanation and pleading would allow them to let me have my food. 
Had to catch another flight before getting to my destination w/o my back up 
supplies. Sure I could have used cake gel or sugar packs, but that really 
leaves me quite unhappy. Hope u have better luck.  Brynn 
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