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Re: [IP] Re: Trip to Ireland Questions

An addition:
Contact the Brisitish Diabetic Association for one of those books.
I don't know where you were there, but in Belfast, Antrim Coleraine and Derry, As well as Newry Dundalk and other 'citi-fied places, I went when and where I pleased without trouble.  I also had a guitar with me. They love music and musicians are still given respect there.
I was Dx'd in Belfast, and they call regular "Soluble", and NPH "Isophane". Many of the carbs are measured in 10g approximations.  Measurements are metric.

The DEX is call Esprit and the Ultra...I don't think is available yet.

Jenny Sutherland
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Linda Kelly 

  I wore a heavy denim jacket & jeans, socks, good walking shoes every day
  a rain poncho now & then, enjoyed every minute in Ireland.  Sweeties &
  Scones &breads & Fish & Chips &  (you can get fish alone),Irish fries
  (hearty breakfast with everything including tomatoes fried)& well done
  veggies were temptations for me. Was on orals then, pumping will make
  things easier. We stayed with pensioners, taste of local color in North
  & South Ireland. One does not go out after dark and avoids certain
  Maybe pick up a carbohydrate-calorie book while there with their food
  offerings in it?  Linda
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