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[IP] How best to deal with perimenopause with pump??

 This is a question for some of the middle-age and
older women using a pump. I have been using the pump
for 18 months now. The first 15 months went great.    
Over the past 3 months, my bgs have been difficult to
control because of an unknown factor. After a visit to
the doctor, I found out that because of this lovely
thing called "perimenopause", my hormones are all over
the place and thus playing havoc with my bgs. My HbA1c
has gone up a full point over the past 3 months. 
 It has been pretty depressing to say the least. I am
only 43 and was not anticipating having to deal with
this for another few years.
 Have any of you tried HRT? If you have, did it affect
your bgs for better or for worse? Any suggestions to
cope with this better would be greatly appreciated.
Any pump-related issues to deal with or to help? Feel
free to e-mail me personally. I don't mind if you post
a response to the list as I don't know if this subject
has had much exposure and others may learn from it
 Thanks so much,
Carolyn Green

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