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[IP] used pump; insurance woes

thanks to all who responded to my post about the potential of my late 
friend's husband donating her pump tp someone who needs it.  I'm printing out 
all the suggestions and requests for him to consider when he gets back in 

Meanwhile, I'm facing another round of insurance wars, and wondered if anyone 
could point me to some help. I have the Louisiana Sate Employees Group Health 
plan (EPO), which has been publicly described as in a "death spiral."  (this 
state could drive you crazy--I won't go on with how).  They've recently 
passed measures that dramatically reduce benefits, and it seems to me that 
the people hit hardest are folks who maintain control over a chronic illness, 
especially diabetes.  Co-pays are now half up to $40 for each item (40 for 
strips, 40 for insulin, etc), and that is for a 30-day supply.  (It used to 
be one co-pay for the whole deal, and for a 90-day supply).  
The only other plan my workplace offers is an HMO which, of course, changed 
its coverage to match State Group just after the announcement, so there's no 
point in switching plans.  I figure this is going to cost me another 
$2000/year.  Not to mention that for them a 30-day supply is not what I need 
because I test more often than what they deem appropriate, so I make up the 
difference out of my pocket for that, too.  Phooey.

They also have included specific language that says they will no longer cover 
"glucometers" (they mean not the brand but have misused the term generically) 
because manufacturers give them away.  Well, this is true to an extent--but 
not consistently and sometimes only if you are as ornery and battle-hardened 
and tenacious as me, because often the free meter offers stipulate that 
they're no good for folks using health insurance, or they require a trade-in, 
or both.  Of course I call and demand meters, but how would someone 
newly-diagnosed know anything about all this?  And any language that excludes 
coverage for diabetes-related issues makes me wonder--what's next?   My pump 

I wonder also:  we hear a lot about the uninsured--and really, my heart goes 
out to them, I was one of them for too many hard hard years--but meanwhile 
what is going on with the insured? Is anyone watching the store?   Is anyone 
else getting benefits slashed like this?  Has anyone fought and won?  The 
Louisiana branch of the ADA is no help, so I'm wondering what to do besides 
write my legislators (check) and the insurance board (check).

thanks for the vent--

Trish and Patti the Pump
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