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[IP] problems with mm508 buttons, emla cream, one touch ultra

Hi, I've read recently on the list about some problems with the MM508, but not
this one. Very occasionally (once every couple of months), none of the buttons
on the pump will work. The time is displayed, he is still getting his basal,
but when you press a button to do a bolus, nothing happens. Then you try the
SEL button, nothing. If we wait a couple minutes, then it works. We sent the
pump in last year for this problem, and they said they found nothing wrong, so
we got it back.

Also, Connie asked about the Emla disks for her 3 year old son - they work
fine, but they are kind of expensive, and more uncomfortable because they are
thick. I don't quite understand what you mean about the emla under the tape -
maybe you are not putting enough on? We use the cream in the tube with
tegaderm, and while it does spread a bit when you put the tape on, it does
work. Do you leave it on at least an hour?? We've used it this way for over a

Also, about the One Touch Ultra. I called the Canadian 1-800 number, hoping to
trade in an old meter for a new ultra, as I have one and would like another.
The customer service rep told me to keep my other meter, as they are expecting
a shortage of strips, as the demand is heavy. She said it will be a few
months, probably the fall, until they are caught up.

Linda, mom to Adam, 5 1/2, pumping with "beep beep", MM508, 1.5 years
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