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RE: [IP] Frio Wallet

<<I know there were some of you out there that said you wer getting or had
gotten the Frio Wallets.  I'm just wondering how they have worked out.  I
to get one to keep my back up vial in when I'm working( Driving alot and
leaving insulin in the car dosen't seem to be the best idea) and also
about one for my Ultra meter to keep from getting the heat error.  Any
feedback would be appreciated.  Also to those of you who have them did it
long to recieve it??  I'm in the U.S. and it seems the orders go to the U.K.
just hope it won't forever to get.>>

I got my wallet within a couple of weeks.  I used it only once, but it
worked great.  I'll be using it again during a golf outing.  The one thing
that I don't like about it is that the clip on my pump (MM508) can't really
be used.  It would have been nice if the manufacturer included a small slot
for the clip to stick out.   Also, I think that they could have done a
better job with the carrying pouch too:  it's ungainly large to be velcroing
to my belt!  However, I think the pros outweigh the cons.  One other note,
my Frio came in a regular-sized envelope with the address hand-written (I
thought it was interesting...)

Good Luck!

Dx'd '87, MM508 since 11/2001
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