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[IP] selling or docnating used pump?

From: "Julie Britt" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] selling or docnating used pump?

I didn't realize that people would buy a used pump.  The 507c I have was
actually refurbished by MM and sent to me a week before my 508 arrived, and
has been sitting in a drawer for 2 weeks.  A part of me feels like I should
donate it, but after all the fight to get it, and all the money we spend on
supplies, it would be nice to have someone buy it from me instead of just
letting it sit or donating it and not knowing what actually happens to it.
I'm actually attached- like it's a pet or something ;)  The thing is, I
don't know where to start to sell a used pump for one.  And two- am I a
horrible person for wanting to sell medical equipment?  It just seems weird.
  Any thoughts?

talk to your tax advisor it could be a deduction if you donate it, even thru
minimed spot
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