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[IP] burning fet

From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] sils

I love the sils/comforts/tenders (all the same set-different brands).  I was
allergic to the antimicrobial on the sofsets, and tried the sil, and loved it
right off.  I don't have any trouble with them sweating off, even in high
humidity or swimming- I do use IV prep before inserting, and have only had
two pull out in almost 2 years of pumping, and they were in hip sites and I
dropped the drawers way too fast, lol!  The only time I use any extra taping
is when I use thigh sites, because I am afraid the heavier jeans material
rubbing the edge of the tape up.  I also like that you control the angle of
insertion.  I also didn't like the tail you had when disconnecting from the
sofsets, and the insertion area stays nice and slimlined for under snug
clothing with the sil, I didn't notice the button near as much as with the

aka Mouse
- ----------------------------------------------------------
i agree with the non dress stuff but i find that putting the sil in on an
underlying iv 3k or polyskin prevents it from coming loose at the edges. if
you stab the sill fast enough it really doesn't hurt going in.
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