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[IP] burning feet

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<<Is it just me or does anybody else have this problem? My feet burn and hurt
so much more when it is hot out....today it must be close to 90 degrees, and
my feet are killing me. I have neuropathy and I take 50mg of Nortriptylene
at bedtime, but nothing helps. I have tried every kind of drug out there,
anti-depressants, anti-seizures, anti-arrythmias, creams, lotions, soaks,
rubs, sprays, etc. etc. Nothing helps. But I was just wondering if anyone
else had more pain the hotter it gets?

- ----------------------------------------------------------
yes, peripheral neuopathy does cause lots of pain. i use large doses of alpha
lipoic acid, 1200 mg you have to split this up into several doses. in
addition, evening prmrose oil can help, all of the nostrums you mention are in
the armementarium of most neurologists but are not really effective. Askabout
escalating the doseof nortryptaline. i do not say that alpha lipoic acid will
help you but it did help me after several months. spot
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