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[IP] glucose meter coding

This morning I grabbed a new bottle of one touch test strips since I was 
getting low and instead of carrying two bottles I took the existing strips 
out of the old bottle and put it in the new.  I get my strips from mail 
order and so far out of a years of getting test strips - they all had the 
code of 8.  Guess what when I tested at the office I noticed that the bottle 
is a code 7.  Now if I throw this bottle out I will be low on strips as I am 
pretty close to low now.  My BS has been reading on the high side today and 
I've been bolusing for a 185 3 hours after lunch and now just tested 
(without eating since lunch) Its 189.  The problem is how do I know if I'm 
using a code 7 or a code 8 strip?

Did anyone ever do this and with the wrong code how much is the reading off 
by?  I used a one touch profile.  Why can't they make the machines read the 
code itself or tell you that the strip does not match the code with the 
machine.  I know I can open another bottle but then I hate to just throw 
away 35 - now 20 strips.


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