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Re: [IP] correction bolus-insulin sensitivity

In a message dated 7/23/01 11:35:41 AM Central Daylight Time, Jimcoco writes:

> I may be mistaken but doesn't your insulin sensitivity give you the info we 
> are looking for here? Before I went on a pump I had to do the typical 8-9 
> sticks a day and keep a very precise record of anything I ate. By doing so 
> we were able, once on the pump to start with some numbers that were very 
> close. I know my insulin to carb ratio is 1 to 6 and my insulin sensitivity 
> is 1 to 25. Therefore it takes about 1 unit to lower my blood sugar 25 
> points, 1 unit to cover 6 grams of carbs and 6 carbs to raise my blood 
> sugar 25 points. I have found this works great for me. What am I missing?
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