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Re: [IP] re: When to Test for Ketones

>probably wouldn't even think of checking unless I had an
>*unexplainable* long-term 500+ level, or I got to the point where I >could 
>actually taste the ketones in my mouth.  Then again, if I taste >them, I 
>know I've got them, so why waste the strip?
>Taste ketones?

Hi Kathie,

Yes, as weird as it sounds, I can taste the ketones.  I get a strange 
acidic/sweet taste in my mouth that nothing will get rid of.  Usually when 
that happens, someone will tell me I smell like nail polish remover.  I'm 
guessing its on my breath.  Usually, once my bs goes down, the taste and the 
scent goes away.

It took a while to figure out exactly what was going on.  Lately, I can tell 
(in a general sense) how high my sugars are by the taste in my mouth.  When 
I was in the hospital last winter, (I was really sick with an infection in 
my gall bladder) I got that taste in my mouth one afternoon and told the 
nurse that my sugar was really high and I had ketones.  They tested 
everything immediately and I was right.

email @ redacted

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