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[IP] heres the letter i wrote, any suggestions???

July 23 2001    
To Whom this may concern, 
I am writing in regards to a letter I have brought to your office on June 4 
2001 about getting disability help for insulin pump supplies. On June 4th 
when I brought the document in I was told it would be signed by the end of 
the week. After 2 weeks I called the office to see if it had been signed yet. 
It had not and I was told to call back at a later date. I have called on   
numerous occasions and   I have either been told to call back orhave  gotten 
an answering machine.  It has now been 7 1/2 weeks of waiting. 
I understand the doctor is busy and has other patients but this is not the 
first time I have been put on the sidelines. This is my health and it seems 
that I am the only one who cares about it. I have cystic fibrosis as well as 
the diabetes. If my diabetes is not in line then my CF will not be either. I 
am trying to live a normal life and I cant when I can't even get help from my 
I am desperate. I dont know what else i can do. I call every other day, I sat 
here and waited. What else can I do? If my paper is not signed by August 4th( 
after 2 months of waiting), I will come to the office and pick up the paper 
so I can get it signed elsewhere. If no one else will help me with my health 
I will do it myself. 
If my paper has been lost please let me know so I can get another one.  
If I have to make an appointment to see the doctor to get the paper signed 
please let me know so we can set up a date. 
Thank you for your time. I will be calling soon to see if there is any 
progress on the signature. 
yours truly,
jennifer harris

If you would like to add anything or have a suggestion please let me know 

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