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Re: [IP] Trip to Ireland Questions

Hi Sherry,
  First of all, I've got to say I am WAY jealous of you for getting to go to 
Ireland:)  I studied abroad there two years ago and in addition, my 
boyfriend is going there for work in about two weeks for two months...so can 
you see why I'm jealous?:)
   When going overseas, I recommend bringing a note from your doctor 
explaining that you are diabetic and what all the equipment is for.  I never 
had a problem, but I was told to bring this and I think it is a good idea.  
Make sure to bring pump supplies as well as syringes as a back up.  When 
going for that long, it is sometimes impossible to carry aLL your supplies 
with you on the plane, but make sure to pack enough to get you through at 
least 2 weeks with you in case luggage is lost.  A medical ID is a good idea 
as well.  Also, for the flight, pack some food just in case you need it...I 
was not expecting to either, but a juice box did come in handy.
   People in Ireland are really friendly and helpful, so if you need a 
doctor while there, they can probably direct you to one.  But I think there 
is a way to get a list of doctors from somewhere...I'm just not sure where.  
Enjoy your trip and have a great time!!!  Tricia


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