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Re: [IP] Blood in Cannula upon insertion

Trish wrote:
Has anyone else had this problem?......the cannula
immediately filled with blood and the blood started
dripping out backwards from the outside part
of the infusion set.
My response:
I have had this happen a number of times.  Most
recently it happened with a QuickSet.  I also have had
it happen when I removed a site - one time it was
gushing out so badly I got confused and instead of
pressing on it, I was trying to catch the blood in the
palm of my hand LOL!  As long as I press hard, the
bleeding always stops in a few seconds.  I almost
always wind up with a bruise afterwards, but it has
never caused any major harm.  Of course, you cannot
use a site if it is bleeding.  I guess we have a lot
of small blood vessels near the skin, and sometimes
you just hit one of them.
pumping 5 1/2 years.

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