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Re: [IP] re: When to Test for Ketones

>I understand - that's what I was always told, but I
>think it's excessive.  Though I appreciate
>the responses I've received, no one has answered my
>question which involves more  than the standard "when
>BG are >240" textbook answer.

I think you're right, that is excessive.  If I followed that rule, I'd be 
testing for ketones every time I tested, which, in my case, would be a waste 
of the strips, since I hardly ever show ketones unless I'm majorly sick.

I guess this is a YMMV situation.  I would think it would be a good idea to 
certainly check when you're sick, just to be on the safe side.  Other than 
that, I probably wouldn't even think of checking unless I had an 
*unexplainable* long-term 500+ level, or I got to the point where I could 
actually taste the ketones in my mouth.  Then again, if I taste them, I know 
I've got them, so why waste the strip?

I think the length of time since dx (or since starting on the pump) would 
have something to do with how frequently to check, as well.  Twenty-five 
years after dx, I pretty much know what my thresh-hold is for ketones, so I 
don't check unless I reach that point.

J :)

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> >
> > We were told that we should check for ketones
> > whenever the bg is over 240,
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