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[IP] correction or supplemental bolus answer to comments

Your  Insulin Sensitivity Factor was determined pre pump,on injections and 
following a very consistent meal plan (timing and amt). and target BG goals, 
premeals and bed.  How many units of insulin per day did you need to meet 
those goals for one month (eliminate sick days)?  Did you have to supplement 
with extra insulin?  If you supplemented frequently, you  probably increased 
the  "base" dose of insulin appropriately.  Presupper too high, add more am 
NPH.  The total daily dose is #units you needed to to reach goals, so 
supplemental or correction insulin is included  in total daily dose.  Divide 
total daily dose into 1500..that is starting place.  With H you may need 
less. To determine if Insulin Sensitivity Factor is correct for you, check BG 
2 hours and 4-5 hours after giving.  This is a premeal thing.  Negative 
correction.  before lunch BG is 50, ISF is 50, target goal 100. 50-100= minus 
50 divided by 50 = minus 1 unit. subtract 1 unit from premeal planned bolus. 
Better to adjust insulin than add food.
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